Active Monitoring Terms and Conditions

About Active Monitoring

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and filled out a self-report, or if you have been exposed in a classroom or named as a contact of someone with COVID-19, you will be entered in the active monitoring system. This system sends email and SMS reminders to check your symptoms daily, in case you have been infected and convert to a positive COVID-19 case. The active monitoring system has caught hundreds of people who have converted from exposure to a positive case, thereby helping to reduce the transmission of this virus.

Email and SMS Reminders

Active monitoring notices will be sent to your university email address. If you choose to not be notified via text message, please call or email Contact Tracing and request to be notified only by email. However, we strongly discourage removing your text message phone numbers because SMS messaging is the quickest and most reliable way to conduct active monitoring.

University of Utah Contact Tracing