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Research in a time of crisis

In science as in life, the past 16 months have been nothing short of a crucible: “a situation of severe trial… leading to the creation […]

COVID-19 complications more likely in Black and Native American populations

Black people and Native Americans with health problems prior to contracting COVID-19 are more likely to have longer hospital stays, require treatment with a ventilator […]

Test to play and to stay

When COVID-19 cases began to rise dramatically in Utah in November 2020, schools faced a difficult choice. They could maintain normal activities, giving students valuable […]

A woman coughs into her elbow wearing a pink blazer and a kitchen.

Will COVID-19 become a seasonal nuisance?

Within the next decade, the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 could become little more than a nuisance, causing no more than common cold-like coughs and […]

The antibody test on a wooden round table. One pair of hands is holding an iPhone that shows analysis on the screen. Another pair of hands is pricking their finger to draw blood. The sensor looks like a white remote control with vials and packages inside a box.

New partnership to develop a new ultra-fast test for COVID-19 antibodies

Find the original release online: https://pivotcenter.utah.edu/press-release/university-of-utah-arup-and-techcyte-develop-nanospot-ai-a-new-ultra-fast-test-for-covid-19-antibodies/ The University of Utah, ARUP Laboratories, and Techcyte Inc. announced today that they have formed a partnership to develop […]

A view of hands putting a bandaid on someone's arm after receiving the vaccine shot.

COVID-19 vaccines as effective in real-world settings as in clinical trials

mRNA COVID-19 vaccines offer substantial protection from infection by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, in the “real-world”, concludes a large study carried out at six regions […]

A woman nurse has bruising and discoloration on her face from wearing goggles and masks for long amounts of time.

Health and academic professionals with dependents at greatest risk of quitting after COVID-19

Up to one in five employees at an academic medical institution are considering leaving their professions due to the strains of coping with the pandemic […]

A child with a mask is in a classroom where everyone is wearing mask.

U OF U Health research plays major role in new CDC guidelines

Research from University of Utah’s Health and Economic Recovery Outreach (HERO) Project contributed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) revised physical distancing guidelines that […]

Severity of COVID-19 determines likelihood of pregnancy complications

Pregnant women who contract SARS-CoV-2, the strain of the virus that causes COVID-19, are at greater risk of dying and experiencing serious complications compared to […]

COVID-19 causes ‘hyperactivity’ in blood-clotting cells

Changes in blood platelets triggered by COVID-19 could contribute to the onset of heart attacks, strokes and other serious complications in some patients who have […]